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General Stories Any stories which are not part of a series      
12 RITES OF PASSAGE Mulder and Scully seek a missing woman and discover frightening truths about their pasts.
12 DEGREES OF SEPARATION Repercussions from their last case lead to an unwilling separation between Mulder and Scully.
LOVERS series Expressions of married love
12 TALES OF CHRISTMAS A series of vignettes involving Christmas of 1998.
SONNET Stories Post-episode stories and vignettes inspired by sonnets
BETWEEN TWO TRUTHS series Mulder apparently commits suicide--and that's when things REALLY get interesting....
SHOOTING STAR series Mulder and Scully deal with the events of "Emily" in a series of first person vignettes
THE HEARTS series After the events of "Paper Hearts," Mulder and Scully become lovers.

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