The Heart Series

This is a somewhat ambitious undertaking for me--a veering off into a TOTALLY alternate universe not set in the future. But I was so inspired by the emotional impact of Vince Gilligan's brilliant "Paper Hearts" episode that I decided I had to explore a possibility about Mulder and Scully that before I had explored only in my 12 Degrees Universe, which takes place well into the future.

So...Welcome to The Heart series.  These stories will track with the actual series as much as possible, but given the nature of the relationship between Mulder and Scully in these stores, some episodes ("Never Again" comes to mind) will not be incorporated.

Be Still My Heart  Rated NC-17 - Takes place after Paper Hearts

Time Like a Heartbeat  Rated NC-17 - Takes place after Memento Mori

Heart of Midnight   Rated NC-17 - Takes place after Redux II